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There's no accounting for taste, but you can you share it.

Classic or modern? Wood or metal? Discreet or glamorous? The styles are different, the relationship forms vary, but something is unanimous: wine is a passion and deserves all the care to be enjoyed. Thinking of all styles, Art des Caves has been developing for 18 years the best climate conditioned wine cellars and air-conditioned environments for you to enjoy this great passion.

A Empresa Art des Caves
A Empresa Art des Caves

Pioneer in the manufacture of cooling systems wine cellars in the country and in developing a suitable product to the Brazilian tropical climate, we always try to listen to the wishes of our customers, we continuous research and launch the news of oenology universe to suit all tastes.

We serve from customers who admire technology, innovative design and objectivity to those who follow the traditions, preserve the culture to the letter and like to experience the sophisticated style that wines transmit.

The excellence of our work is confirmed by winning numerous awards, such as the Top of Mind award, of the magazine Casa & Mercado / Instituto Data Folha, as the most remembered company by architects and interior designers from all over Brazil for nine consecutive years. We also have the Boutiques Art des caves, which in addition to the marketing of wine cellars, sell wines, glasses and accessories. There are hundreds of carefully selected labels and a team of experts ready to receive you.

A Empresa

Welcome to the world of Art des Caves!


  • 1997


    Brazil launches itself towards learning in the world of wine: then was born the Art Des Caves, the first Brazilian industry of climate contolled wine cellars.

    The company was created through a new materials research, participation in industry trade shows and incessant work, placing first in the market wine cellars produced in wood and after in metal.

  • 2002


    Already with the heated market, we expanded our headquarters and increased the number of models of the wine cellars offered. Thus, the Art des Caves established itself as the number one in Brazilian wine cellars, and still holds the post by its own merit.
  • 2002


    Opened the first store Maison Des Caves, which started selling wine cellars, wines and accessories in the D&D Shopping Mall.
  • 2004


    Begins indiscriminate imports of Chinese wine cellars. The market is full with this lower level product and with equipment that are not suitable for the tropical climate.
  • 2005


    Opening the kiosk Maison Des Caves in Morumbi Shopping Mall.
  • 2006


    Maison des Caves breaks the interstate barrier and opens a new store in Rio de Janeiro, in Casa Shopping Mall.
  • 2007


    Aiming to expand its brand in Morumbi the kiosk gave way to a larger store in the same shopping mall.
  • 2009


    Opening of the Maison Des Caves Online Store.
  • 2015


    Our stores start to be called Art des Caves for increased brand identification. The Petit, a more affordable wine cellar, is launched. And Cellars and Wine Blog emerge at full steam.

We follow a strict quality process

In the production of our Wine Cellars

The quality of products Art Des Caves begins in choosing our suppliers. This partnership allows that together we can always innovate and bring to market new technologies that allow for continual improvement of the quality of our products and our process of creation.


Function test

At the end of the assembly line, a quality assurance technician audits the whole production and ensures that the specified standard is met.


Sample tests

Random sampling tests are carried out in our test rooms, allowing a more detailed monitoring of the performance of our products.



In addition to all the tests previously mentioned, our products are tested by external laboratories, indicated by a INMETRO accredited certification company.



The whole process relies on elaborate planning, allowing that the processed pieces are completely protected against damage and that the product reaches the customer with the desired quality.


Intelligent compressor

We developed an intelligent compressor, which reduces energy consumption by 30%. We only use refrigerant gas in manufacturing that does not damage the ozone layer.